General Introduction

Across the world, we’re self-isolating for the physical health of both ourselves and others.
But how is our mental health being affected by our new way of life?

My Wellness Check is a tool that helps you track and reflect on your daily well-being.

 It goes without saying that we’re all in a strange, unprecedented situation at the moment. Across the world, we’re collectively locked inside our houses to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a whole new digital era of online and home education, online concerts, Zoom meetings -- and most importantly, social distancing.

Isn’t it strange to be so connected, but so confined?

Then if we do chat face to face, the first thing everybody asks -- whether it’s a Zoom meeting or a WhatsApp message -- goes something like this:

Are you doing alright?
Are you holding up OK?
Keeping it together?

We might say yes, but honestly, do we really know? And beyond us, how is everyone else coping with this strange new world? Are we all actually fine, or is our health and wellbeing suffering under lockdown?

A group of researchers and designers from TU Delft and UC San Diego have developed a tool that can help you keep track of your wellbeing in these strange, difficult times. My Wellness Check is a platform created to track participants’ wellbeing and provide you with useful feedback on how you’re doing. Most importantly, it gives you the ability to make your voice heard.

What do you think is needed to support your wellbeing? Tell us!

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Personal experience with wellness checks

This makes me realise I should probably go out more and call my grandfather more often.”